Find a Teacher

Members of ATMR have completed teacher trainings and post-graduate work around the world. Each teacher listed here is certified and recognized by one or both of the following professional associations of Alexander Technique teachers:

The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

or Alexander Technique International (ATI).

Considerations when choosing a teacher:

Each teacher is an individual.  Like learning anything else, it is important for the AT student to find the teacher who is right for them. You may wish to have lessons with one or more teachers until you find your perfect “fit” !

Teachers may have more than one teaching location. In addition, some teachers will work with you onsite. This might be at your place of work, in your home, or while running or cycling or working out.

Teachers may price their lessons differently. Lessons are priced according to: a) the length of your lesson; b) the number of lessons you purchase in advance; c) if a lesson is onsite or at the teacher’s studio; and d) length and breadth of that teacher’s experience. Each teacher will work with a motivated student to create an affordable lesson schedule.

We are also happy to refer you to a qualified teacher in your location, in the United States or anywhere in the world.

ATMR Members in Western North Carolina

Susan Arthur-Whitson (Rutherfordton, Tryon) works with students in a thoughtful and encouraging manner to help them become aware of individual habits and patterns that often interfere with easy, efficient, pain-free movement. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Rutherfordton and Tryon, she teaches groups in various settings.  Certified by AmSAT in 1993, she taught part-time while continuing her career in the fine arts. Since moving to North Carolina in 2014, she has returned to teaching. Susan holds a BA and an MA in Art History, and is a practicing fine art photographer. 215-694-0424

Erik Bendix (Asheville) is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher trained by Frank Ottiwell, Joan & Alex Murray, and for several months Walter Carrington. He has taught anatomy at Alexander training courses for many years, has taught the Technique at music conservatories and academies, and has developed his own ski teaching method based on Alexander Technique. Erik loves helping people to find their own vitality and to be themselves more fully. 828-298-5515 or 828-450-1670

Corinne Cassini (Boone), a professionally trained cellist, teaches the Alexander Technique at the Hayes School of Music (Appalachian State University) and privately at the Boone Healing Arts Center. She is certified by both AmSAT and ATI. Following her first training in Amsterdam in the Carrington tradition she spent two years under the guidance of Tommy Thompson deepening her experience and understanding of the Alexander Technique. She enjoys guiding people from all walks of life, both individually and during workshops.   646-541-4833

Michèle Drivon (Asheville) has taught aspiring young actors, active seniors at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, dancers, yogis, musicians, and everyone in between. Michèle especially enjoys applying Alexander Technique to self-development, relationships, Argentine Tango, swimming, and yoga. A former potter, she now uses her hands to encourage minds and bodies of all types to release resistance and consciously align with dynamic expansion. 828-712-2804  Michèle’s blog

Mary Stuyvesant Eagle(Marshall, NC) trained in a STAT-certified school in London, and has been in continuous private practice for 27 years. She is a founding member of AmSAT (then NASTAT), and served as Chair on the Board in 2000. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and a folk musician. Her particular interests are in issues of exercise, performance and the aging process. 828-649-1549 or 828-545-1331

Jack Fischer (Asheville) is a graduate of the Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley, CA. With a background in the arts, crafts and early childhood education, Jack maintains an abiding practice of chi kung and meditation and offers unique perspectives on the application of the Alexander Technique to everyday activities. “How do I wash dishes with ease?”  828-989-3115

Monika Gross (Asheville, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Tryon, Greenville, NC) Senior teacher with thirty years experience. Certified 1985. Teaching Member Alexander Technique International. Theater director and performer. BFA Drama, UNC School of the Arts. Served on the faculty of the Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University. Distance runner for twenty years, completing eleven marathons and three Empire State Building climbs. Skype distance lessons. Workshops and lessons around the state. Monika knows no greater pleasure than seeing her students gain confidence in their postural expertise as healthy integrated human beings.   828-225-3786

Meredith McIntosh (Asheville) is a licensed massage therapist, musician  and Zen practitioner. Certified by the Alexander Alliance, she appreciates the collaborative and participatory aspects of teaching AT in rehabilitation, skilled activity, and daily tasks. She works with musicians at The Swannanoa Gathering (NC) and during dance tours in France, and with meditators at Southern Dharma (Hot Springs, NC) and at Bukkokuji Monastary in Japan.  828-258-8840 or 828-989-0349

Idelle Packer (Asheville), M.S., P.T., C.T.A.T., an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and graduate of Columbia University’s Master of Science Program in Physical Therapy, integrates the Alexander Technique within the context of physical therapy assessment and treatment in her practice, Body Sense, in downtown Asheville. Her eclectic clientele of all ages and professions, including but not exclusively performing artists (from musician to dancer to actor) present with an array of postural, orthopedic and neurologic problems that interfere with optimal function. What they all have in common is their ability to integrate the Alexander Technique into their lives and livelihoods, moving with greater ease and expression and overcoming limitation, injury and pain with surprising success. 828-329-7761

Luke Shaver (Black Mountain, Asheville) holds a BA in piano performance from the Appalachian State University. He was ATI certified to teach Alexander Technique in 2018 through Corinne Cassini. Luke has worked with musicians, teachers, carpenters, and chefs. He has worked at the piano for eighteen years, nine years as a carpenter, and four as a waiter. AT has enabled him not just to cope with but to actually alleviate repetitive stress injuries, neck pain, undue stress, and outstanding pains from severe injuries and broken bones. His work within AT focuses on functional anatomy, freedom of choice, perspective awareness, and poise in performance. Luke desires to share the ease inherent in getting out of our own way and learning to enjoy how we do what we do. 336-340-6835

Regional ATMR Members

Regional North Carolina

Glenna Batson AmSAT, ISATT, STAT (Pittsboro/Chapel Hill, NC) discovered the Alexander Technique through an interest in dance and Somatics in the late 1970’s. She had her first lesson in 1981 and became a teacher in 1989 (The Alexander Foundation, Bruce and Martha Fertman). Glenna’s career path has evolved from multiple studies in human movement science, somatic education, rehabilitation medicine, philosophy, and dance. She currently spends a good part of the year co-directing the training course for the Alexander Technique Centre in Galway, Ireland. She is also a consultant and teacher for The Poise Project. Now in her seventh decade, Glenna finds that the Alexander Technique remains a potent answer to transforming today’s societal challenges. (919) 619-0008 Irish Society of Alexander Teachers

Lisa First (Charlotte, NC) is an AmSAT-certified instructor of the Alexander Technique with a BA from Antioch College Visual Arts/Dance and an MA in Movement/Dance from Wesleyan University. Lisa has extensive experience working in the performing arts with musicians and dancers of all ages, and has taught  AT at conservatories, theater schools, and training courses in Russia, Holland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Latvia, as well as in the United States (NC, CA, MA, MN). Lisa has a special interest in working with the physically challenged, especially people with Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic health issues. She has also taught workshops for horses and riders. 612-822-3504 

Judith Saxton (Winston-Salem, NC) is an international trumpet soloist, chamber and orchestral musician and educator. A graduate of the North Carolina Teacher Training Program of Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies (Marjorie Barstow tradition), Judith has been actively incorporating her decades of Alexander Technique studyinto her “Healthy Playing Habits” and “Breathing, Breaks and Basics for Mindful Music Making” presentations for universities, festivals, and populations of varying ages across the nation and the world. Observation, awareness and ease of movement are integral to her playing and teaching. 336-529-0317


Charlotte Anderson (Kingsport, TN) is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher who loves to help people find their voice and their potential. She has extensive opera, recital, oratorio and symphonic song experience, and has presented workshops around the country on Voice, Body Awareness and The Alexander Technique.  She holds a Masters and Doctorate in vocal performance and pedagogy from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University.  She is retired professor at Milligan College, continuing to teach Alexander Technique as adjunct faculty. She teaches Voice and AT privately at her studio in Kingsport, TN. 423-963-3703

Alison Deadman ( Jonesborough, TN) teaches Alexander Technique at East Tennessee State University and maintains private studios in Johnson City (at Samadhi Healing Arts Center) and Jonesborough, TN. Alison enjoys working with all populations and has extensive experience working with musicians and equestrians.  She teaches individual and small-group lessons as well as giving workshops. Her workshops range from short general introductions to whole- or multiple-day events with a specialized focus. A recent workshop participant said: “To see and feel such subtle movements yet feel such a ‘rightness’ in my body was astounding.”  423-741-8945

South Carolina

Shellie Beth Cash (Greenville, SC) earned a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah, and an MA in Movement Studies and Dance from Wesleyan University. After dancing professionally around the world, she shifted to teaching in academia, while concurrently studying the Alexander Technique at the Alexander Foundation, earning ATI certification in 1998. She taught dance and AT at Bucknell, University of Cincinnati (Dance Division Head, College Conservatory of Music), and New World School for the Arts. She currently teaches at the South Carolina Governors School for the Arts and Humanities. For more than 20 years, Shellie has taught the Alexander Technique to people in all walks and stages of life—from performing artists to corporate leaders, from youngsters to the young at heart—sharing the beauty of being human unfolding with anyone curious enough to explore the possibilities, helping them find better balance and ease in their work and personal lives.

Sarah Barker (Columbia, SC) is a psychophysical education expert in Alexander Technique and acting. Author of articles, books and DVDs about the Alexander Technique, she is certified by both AmSAT and ATI. Sarah has an MFA in theatre performance, and is an inspirational speaker, teacher and coach using Alexander Technique to improve one’s experience of moving, performing and enjoying life. She investigates how older adults can stay young, vital and expand into their full potential with creative consciousness.  803-622-3035