About Alexander’s Technique

The Alexander Technique is an educational method used worldwide for over 100 years. By teaching how to change faulty postural habits, it enables improved mobility, posture, performance and alertness along with relief of chronic stiffness, tension and stress. As we become sensitive to the way we think and move, we learn to release patterns of tension that create mental and physical strain and imbalance. The results can be profound: a freedom of movement and a natural grace that, within our individual circumstances, can transform our lives.

Why Study Alexander Technique?

People study the Technique for a variety of reasons. The most common is to relieve pain through learning better coordination of the musculoskeletal system. Another common reason people take lessons in Alexander Technique is to enhance performance. Athletes, singers, dancers, and musicians use the Technique to improve breathing, vocal production, and speed and accuracy of movement. The Alexander Technique can also benefit students of awareness practices such as t’ai chi, yoga, and meditation by increasing ease and presence. The most far-reaching reason people study the Technique is to achieve greater conscious control of their reactions.

Most of us have many habitual patterns of tension, learned both consciously and unconsciously. These patterns can be unlearned, enabling the possibility of new choices in posture, movement and reaction.

How Is It Taught?

Alexander Technique is typically taught in a series of private lessons. It’s also taught in group classes in performing arts schools, continuing education programs, and other venues. During lessons you develop awareness of habits that interfere with your natural coordination. You learn how to undo these patterns and develop the ability to consciously redirect your whole self into an optimal state of being and functioning. Through direct experience you learn how to go about your daily activities with increasingly greater ease and less effort.

The Alexander Technique is taught at Eastman and Julliard Schools of Music, American Physical Therapy Association, American Dance Festival, Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, and other institutions.

Students and supporters of the Alexander Technique: Julie Andrews, James Earl Jones, Robin Williams, Lynn Redgrave, Paul Newman, Jeremy Irons, Paul McCartney, Aldous Huxley, John Dewey, George Bernard Shaw, and many others.