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Mayo Clinic offers Alexander Technique

The British Medical Journal: Teachers and students speak about the long-term impact Alexander Technique has on sufferers of back pain: Part I,  Part II

The Alexander Technique: Musician’s Method for Improvement


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Published Research

Selected research studies involving the Alexander Technique, all published in peer-reviewed scientific journals or presented at conferences with peer-reviewed abstracts:


March 28, 2011 NPR: “Alexander Technique: A Balm For Back Pain?” by Sarah Varney

August 3, 2011 New York Times:“To Relieve Tension: Mind the Spine, But Do Not ‘Relax’: Alexander Technique Instructor Began With Buddhism”

Professional Societies

Alexander Technique International (ATI)

American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (United Kingdom, STAT)